Transportation Security & Evacuation

The Convention Store will assist you in building and managing a secure transportation system geared to your specific needs.

Our experience includes working with Federal, State, Local and private security forces and law officers to protect against outside, unwanted influences gaining access to secure areas through your transportation system.

Who Benefits From Secure Transportation Systems

  • Conventions and Trade Show
  • Airports
  • Sports Venues
    • Arenas
    • Racetracks
    • Golf Courses
    • Field Sports
  • Political Events
  • Entertainment Events (Outdoor)

Components That Go Into Planning a Secure Transportation System

Security Level Assessment

In conjunction with private security and local or federal agencies where necessary, you will determine the level of overall security required for your transportation system or event.

Secure Perimeter Assessment

Once the level of security is determined, the perimeter of your venue needs to be identified. A venue perimeter is the area surrounding any building or event venue that will require controlled access. The venue perimeter may be as near as the entrance gate(s) or curb surrounding a building or as far away as several blocks.

Identify Individual Access Needs

Determine who may need access to the building or event. Possible access categories can include the following:

  • Management Team
  • Performers/Players
  • VIP’s
  • Invited Guests
  • Ticket Holders
  • Staff
  • Outside Vendors
  • Cleaners
  • Fire & Rescue, Police

Grant Access On An As-Needed Basis

  • Background check conducted
  • Security clearance issued
  • Name badge printed
  • Picture taken
  • Event ticket supplied

Recognize Your Weaknesses – Where in your building or perimeter unwanted influences can gain access.

All of the above determinations should be made before putting your transportation system in place as they have a direct impact on how your system will be managed and designed.

How The Convention Store Can Assist In The Development Of a Secure Transportation System

The Convention Store has the capabilities and the experience to provide all of the following services which will assist in the development and implementation of a secure transportation system:

  • Fleet reports with vehicle listings, safety records, PM plan
  • Insurance documentation
  • Staff listing of all drivers to work
  • Staff background checks (all staff)
  • Secure staging areas
  • Photo ID requirements
  • Luggage procedures (ID, loading, unloading, sweep, bay security & sealing)
  • Passenger Identification
  • Passenger Loading/Unloading areas
  • Vehicle inspection and/or sealing (interior and exterior)
  • Vehicle inspection area requirements
  • Vehicle technological requirements (Camcorders, GPS, Radio, Cell)
  • Procedure to inspect, seal and store vehicles
  • Bomb Team inspection area
  • Secure arrival/departure areas
  • Emergency evacuation/ crowd control plan established
  • Communications protocol and method
  • Training on emergency response procedures
  • Distress codes for drivers and staff
  • Primary and secondary routes established
  • Traffic impact study

Through utilization of the above steps and constant, clear communication with your staff, The Convention Store can provide the secure transportation system your event needs.