Airport Transportation Logistics

The Convention Store (TCS) is an experienced airport contractor. From providing pick-up services for a single passenger, to the operation of parking lot shuttle systems at major airports, The Convention Store can do it all. We maintain our status as a ACDBE, DBE, MBE, WBE and/or LDBE in several jurisdictions across the country.

A Sampling of our Past & Present Clients

An Overview of our Capabilities

Airport Parking Shuttle Services

The Convention Store can provide the people, management and expertise to run a successful airport shuttle operation. We possess the knowledge and skill to transform a failing shuttle system or lay the groundwork for a brand new shuttle system. Our formulas for determining vehicle needs can save the Airport money in both equipment and labor by allowing us to develop schedules that will utilize vehicle capacity while maintaining high levels of service.

Transportation Ticket Sales

Through years of experience, The Convention Store has developed effective policies and procedures for handling airport transportation ticket sales. Whether your operation is long-term, short-term, or a one-time event, The Convention Store can provide the people and knowledge to ensure the ticketing runs smoothly and that all monies are accounted for properly.

Emergency Evacuation Assistance and Planning

The Convention Store is well versed in the area of emergency planning and our services and knowledge of emergency procedures have been utilized on a regular basis since 9/11. We can work proactively with Airport Officials to create an emergency evacuation plan utilizing current staff and vehicles on the Airport grounds. Additionally, we can draw on a wide network of carriers to secure evacuation vehicles in the event an emergency arises.

Consolidated Rental Car Shuttles

The Convention Store will work with Airports and Rental Car Consortiums to provide service to Rental Car facilities both on and near the airport. The Convention Store can provide the Drivers, Supervisors and Dispatchers to ensure that a professional and safe operation is being run at all times. Additionally, we can provide curbside management services to ease passenger confusion and increase airport safety.

Mystery Rider Services

The Convention Store can provide mystery rider services for Airport Ground Transportation Systems, in order to monitor services in areas including headway maintenance, customer service and safety. We provide the data to the Airport in an easy to read monthly report analyzing both the quantitative and qualitative data. Our services allow Airport Transportation Managers to receive unbiased feedback on the quality of their systems.

Airport Arrival and Departure Shuttles

We have the ability to provide meet-and-greet transportation service for groups of all sizes, from a single passenger in a sedan or limousine to groups of 5,000 or more. Our uniformed, trained “Shuttle Team” staff will meet guests at the baggage claim and direct them to a waiting vehicle or to the shuttle boarding location. All airport arrival and departure shuttles are custom designed to meet your needs perfectly!